Program Introduction

The SNU MBA Program is a 16-month full-time MBA program comprised of a practical curriculum, the aim of which is to find the balance between the global standard and the current management status of Korean corporations today. Students can freely choose from one out of three tracks, finance, marketing and strategic planning, depending on their individual interests and future career plans. 50% of the courses are conducted in Korean and the rest of the courses are in English. During the 3rd and 4th term, students can take English electives along with Global MBA students. Study Abroad Programs such as the student exchange programs and dual degree programs are available for the SNU MBA students.

Duration of the program 16 months (4 terms)
Class hours daytime on weekdays
morning class 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., afternoon class 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Course Language Korean and English
Matriculation Mid-August
Application February to March (click to see the application timeline)
Graduation Requirement 49 credits, GPA 3.0 or above
Track options Marketing, Finance, Strategy


SNU MBA (Class of 2019)
Term Class Faculty Date
Term 1 (12W)
Financial Accounting
Statistics and Decision Models
Woo-Jong Lee
Byung Do Kim
Namgyoo Park
Information Technology
Organizational Behavior
Managerial Economics
Jung Joo Jahng
Jin Nam Choi
Byung Joon Yoo
Human Resource Management
Managerial Accounting
Operations Management
Jeong Yeon Lee
Iny Hwang
Hongsuk Yang
1st Term Break (2017.11.11-19) - 1 W /Global Residence Program
Term 2 (12W)
Financial Management
International Business
Joon Chae
Jae Yong Song
Kyoungmi Lee
Winter Break (12/17~1/1)-2 W
Financial Engineering and Risk Management
Organizational Design
Bong Chan Kho
Jae Ho Cho
Kyoungmook Lee
Management of Technology
Topics in Accounting
Innovation and Creativity
Hongsuk Yang
Jong Hag Choi
Namgyoo Park
2nd Term Break (2018.3.3-3.11) - 1W
Term 3 (12W)
GNAM Network Week + Elective Courses TBA (Adjunct Faculty) 3.12~3.23
Elective Courses TBA (Adjunct Faculty) 3.26~4.6
Elective Courses TBA (Adjunct Faculty) 4.9~4.20
Elective Courses TBA (Adjunct Faculty) 4.23~5.4
Elective Courses TBA (Adjunct Faculty) 5.7~5.18
Elective Courses TBA (Adjunct Faculty) 5.21~6.1
Summer Break (2018.6.2-9.16.) - DBiK and DBiA in August
Term 4 (12W)
Elective Courses TBA (SNU Faculty) 9.17~10.19
Elective Courses TBA (SNU Faculty) 10.22~11.16
Business Practicum - 3 credits
Applied Business Project
TBA 11.19~12.14

* Schedule is subject to change.