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Title [UBS] Associate Program - Wealth Management Asia Pacific
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Job Directory Finance
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School recommendations No
Period ~2017-03-13

The Associate Program within Wealth Management Asia Pacific, lasting twelve months, is aimed at highly talented individuals who combine the ability to learn and think quickly with the determination to excel. The program is designed to bring you up to speed on financial and banking knowledge skills and prepares you for a successful career in the wealth management business as a Client Advisor.

The program offers classroom-based education, a tailored program of assignments and extensive on-the-job coaching to develop your understanding of our business and foster your global perspective. It also provides the opportunity to apply your skills in different environments and build a network of contacts across the organization that you can leverage on.

As part of the program, you are required to complete the Wealth Management Diploma, a certification framework involving comprehensive technical, advisory and sales skills trainings and assessments, which will equip you with the necessary foundation to embark upon a rewarding career.

Throughout the program, dedicated managers will be your continual source of guidance and support. Regular assessment and feedback sessions will further build your personal skills and develop your professional competencies.

Our extensive recruitment process comprises of online testing and interviews. If you are invited to an interview, you will be asked to submit a plan of action outlining how you plan to use your strengths and network to build a solid base of clients.

Application deadline is 13 March 2017 . Applications may only be submitted via this website and/or our career site.