Admission Timeline

Application Deadline and Notes
Online Application Feb 1st (10 a.m.)
~ Mar 24th, 2017 (by 4 p.m.)
* Register online (Click here!)
Supporting Document Submission Feb 1st ~ Mar 24th, 2017 (by 5 p.m.) * The required documents must arrive at the Graduate School of Business before the deadline.
* Applicants must have already completed the online application.
TEPS Special Test Mar 16th, 2017 (at 2 p.m.) * The test venue: SNU Language Education Institute located in campus
* Applicable only to those who do not have the required English Test Score
* Applicants who take TEPS special test need to apply by March 11th.
Early Decision & Interview Announcement for Regular Admission**
Final Decision Announcement for International Admission**
April 21st, 2017(at 3 p.m.) * GSB website (
* Results will be posted on the SNU website
Interview SNU MBA: May 1st, 2017
GMBA: May 2nd, 2017
* By invitation only
Final Decision Announcement for Regular Admission May 19th, 2017 * Results will be posted on the SNU website
Registration May 29th ~ June 1st, 2017

* The schedule is subject to change.