Required Documents

Required Documents Regular
*Category1 *Category2
1. Application form O O O
2. Transcripts and graduation certificates

( You must submit official transcripts and graduation certificates from all the colleges and universities you have attended.)

3. Two Letters of Recommendation (must be sealed) (Form Download) O O O
4. Essay (Personal statement and study plan) (Form Download) O O O
5. Certificates of work experience?(if available) O O O
6. Resume (Form Download) O O O
7. English Proficiency Test Score

TOEFL, TEPS, or TOEIC taken within two years from March 23th, 2018.

(GMAT, GRE are optional.)

8. A copy of the applicant’s passport &

Copies of both parents’ passports

9. Official documents indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant

and his/her parents (e.g. Birth Certificates)

10. Certificate of Facts concerning the Entry and Exit

(issued by the Korea Immigration Office)

11. Official transcripts or certificates of graduation from all school you have

attended since elementary school

12. Financial Certification (Form Download) X O X

* Category 1 : The applicant, as well as the parents, are NOT citizens of Korea.

** Category 2 : Applicants who have completed elementary, secondary and university education outside of Korea.(16-year education)

※ Korean citizens who hold dual citizenship are considered as “Applicants of Korean Origin.”

※ If the applicant is supported by his/her corporate company, he/she is required to submit the corporate sponsorship verification with official document from the company. (Form Download)

※ All documents must be either in English or Korean. Documents in other languages should be accompanied by notarization in English or Korean.

※ Original documents should be submitted. However, should they be unavailable, copies must be authorized by the originating


※ Please submit the application materials in the order as listed above.

1. Online Application Form

After completing the application online, please print out the application and put it together with other document. Please make sure that your online application is completed only after paying the application fee (\75,000).

2. Transcripts and Graduation Certificates

You must submit original transcripts and graduation certificates from all the colleges and universities you have attended.

3. Two letters of Recommendation

You can download the letter of recommendation form from GSB website. You must obtain two recommendations. Letters are confidential, so the envelope should be sealed and signed over the seal.

4. Essay (Personal Statement & Study Plan)

All applicants are required to submit an essay. You can download the form from GSB website. The essay includes two parts: personal statement and study plan. The personal statement is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the school and to show your accomplishments that you felt were not fully expressed in the application documents. The study plan should state your academic goals and career aspirations.

5. Certificate of Work Experience

If you have any full-time work experience, you must submit official verifications of employment showing the dates of employment.(e.g. pay slip, certificates from company)

6. Resume

You can download the resume form from GSB website. In the resume, you can show your accomplishments and/or value you added to your company and make sure to show how much you have experienced and grown professionally over the course of your career.

7. English Proficiency

- If English is not your native language, in order to demonstrate your English proficiency, you need to submit ?TEPS (Test of English Proficiency developed by Seoul National University), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), or TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) scores.?

Tests must be taken within two years prior to the admission deadline (March 23th, 2018).?If applicants do not have English proficiency test score yet, he/she may apply by March 15th, 2018 in order to take TEPS special exam that SNU Language Education Institute provides at 2 p.m. on March 15, 2018. If he/she is willing to take the test again, the higher score will be applied in the application process. Further information for TEPS special exam will be posted on GSB website.

Submitting Application

  • 1) You must complete the application online first.
  • 2)?Application will not be complete until the application fee is received. The application fee is \75,000(approximately USD 72.)
  • 3) Applicants who submit incomplete or forged documents will be automatically disqualified from the admissions process.
  • 4) In order to avoid network traffic jams around the deadline; please complete the application in advance
  • Once applicants complete the online application, print out the completed application and the application checklist. Please mark and place the application checklist in front of the application packet with the checklist on top, please put the application materials together inn the order. Submit your application packet in person or via registered airmail by March 23th, 2018 to the following address
  • MBA Admissions Office
    Graduate School of Business
    Seoul National University
    LG Building (59-dong), Room # 205
    Gwanak-ro 1, Gwanak-gu
    Seoul, Korea 08826

    ☎ 82-2-880-2551, 1334
  • The admissions staff reserves the right to require additional documents from the applicant, should there arise a need to verify the authenticity of submitted materials. Please do not send your application materials by fax.