Course Evaluation

Course Evaluation Students make course evaluations after the last lecture of each module, of which results are officially revealed on the GSB webpage after grades have been submitted by all professors. These feedbacks provide professors with insight and new ideas which help shape their lectures into a more effective means of delivering knowledge. Past course evaluations are as below. This information is available only after logging into the website.

Course Evaluation
Course Professor Number of
Human Resource Management Seongsu Kim 37 4.84
Operations Management Hong Suk Yang 37 4.95
Managerial Economics Masako Miyanishi 37 2.43
Statistics and Decision Models Byungjoon Yoo 37 3.49
Financial Management Woojin Kim 37 4.61
Financial Accounting Bok Hyeon Baik 37 4.09
International Business Jeho Lee 37 4.71
Organizational Behavior Seokhwa Yun 37 4.84
Marketing Jingyo Kim 46 2.58
Managerial Accounting Iny Hwang 46 4.32
Information Technology Jung Joo Jahng 46 4.3
Strategy Sun Hyun Park 46 4.95
Consumer Behavior Nathan Novemsky 23 4.91
Strategic Human Capital George Newman 27 5
Analysis of Operation Strategy Uday Karmarkar 55 4.64
Topics in MIS Sudha Ram 32 4.3
Derivatives Kewei Hou 51 4.6
Compensation Jeong-Yeon Lee 54 4.4