Extracurricular Activities

There are various academic and hobby-related clubs available at the SNU GSB. The student clubs at the SNU GSB serve as a “secondary curriculum” through which students can socialize as well as apply their academic knowledge of management they learned through their curriculum into the actual field of management.

Student Clubs

SNU GSB Students have founded many interesting clubs from professional opportunities to sports, and hobbies. Throughout club activities, students could find out more about specific fields and industries, build peer and alumni networks, and meet people with similar interests. Clubs are shaped by the interests of the incoming MBA class each year - so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own club!

※ Selected clubs that officially approved by the MBA committee, are funded by the GSB.

Club Activities
Professional Clubs Entertainment Clubs

- ABC (All about Business Communication) Club
- China Business Club
- Entropy Club
- Financial Derivatives Club
- Investment Club
- M&A Club
- Retail Business Club
- Strategic Venture Investment Club
- Success Manual for Industries Club
- Venture & Finance Club
- Marketing Strategy Club
- Finance Forum
- Speech and Debate Club
- Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship Forum

- Sports Club
- Cuisine Club
- Business Etiquette & Culture Club
- Entertainment & Media Biz Club

Social Leadership

The SNU GSB encourages students to take part in volunteering activities with the purpose to train CEOs with management skills and social responsibility. SNU MBA students are actively taking part in volunteering activities such as Habitat for humanity and extending helping hands for the rural areas. Students have also provided free management consulting to institutions, such as the fair trade coffee company Chiapas, launched by the Korea Food for the Hungry International and the social enterprise “Sharing Happiness,” and helped such institutions overcome their pending management problems.
The SNU GSB will continue its support for student volunteer activities contribute to the development and balanced growth of the local society.