Graduation Requirements

Completion of Degree

- Number of Enrollments: 4 - 8 times
- Acquired Credits: 45 or more, compulsory courses included
- GPA: 3.0 or above

Required Credit

Required Credit
Compulsory Courses Elective Courses Applied Business Project Global Residency Program
Managerial Economics
Financial Accounting
Statistics and Decision Models
Organizational Behavior
Financial Management
Managerial Accounting
Human Resource Management
Information Technology
International Business
Operations Management
Minimum of
10 courses required
1 course required 1 course required
8 out of 12 courses
(16 credits or more)
10 courses
(20 credits)
1 course
(2 credits)
1 course
(1 credit)
23 courses in total
(45 credits)

Applied Business Project Presentation

Eligibility for Applied Business Project

Person who has acquired 80/100 points or higher on Applied Business Project
Person who has acquired 24 credits or more (expected credits in current term included)
Person within the due date of master’s dissertation (within 4 years after completion, 2 years extension possible)

Evaluation Schedule

Respective schedule of each term

Criteria of Acceptance

B or above on Performance Paper (Must be accepted by 2/3 of panel)
80/100 points or higher on Oral Examination

Degree Presentation

Eligibility for Degree

Person who satisfies the above requirements