Campus Map

From the Incheon International Airport

SNU Shuttle Bus

The SNU Gwanak Campus is not within walking distance from the SNU subway station. But there is no need to worry, as there is a free shuttle bus service that runs from the campus (main administration building) to the subway station. Another operates between the campus and Sillim-dong (Nokdu Street), an area well known for housing students preparing for the state examinations.

SNU Shuttle Bus
Bus Service Route Running Hours Place of Bus Stop
[SNU Subway Station]
Administration Building Gwanak campus
07:00-18:30 [Campus]
Bus stops in front of the administration building
[Subway Station]
Leave through exit #3 and walk up 100m
[Sillim-dong, Nokdue Street]
Next to 5516 bus terminal
[Sillim-dong, Nokdue Street]
Administration Building Gwanak campus

Alternate Bus Routes to SNU

From the nearest three subway stations, there are many regular bus services that come inside the SNU campus.

Alternate Bus Routes to SNU
From SNU subway station From Nakseongdae subway station From Sillim subway station
5511, 5512, 5513 02 5516, 5518

There are many more regular bus services that come to the main gate of SNU from different parts of the city.
5517, 5518, 5522, 5528, 5411, 5613, 5614, 6511, 6512, 6513, 6514, 750, 501, 502, 603

Campus Shuttle Bus

Shuttle buses run through the Gwanak campus along a circular route.
The main stops are : Main Gate - Social Science - Administration Building - College of Agriculture - Engineering Education and Research Building - Dormitory - College of Business Management.

Library Bus

For those students who need to study at the library until late at night, there are shuttle buses that will take the students from the library to three different locations off campus.

1. Library - SNU Subway Station
2. Library - Sillim-dong (Nokdu Street)
3. Library - SNU Subway Station via Sillim-dong (Nokdu Street) Check the destination of the bus before you get on.
   The bus leaves in front of the Main Library at 9:30, 9:40, 10:10, 10:40 and 11:10 p.m.